The Chadwicks; A Story of Hope 8.6.2016

I lost my mother to Leukemia at the young, vulnerable age of 10. Sandra was her name and she was a beautiful, kind, generous, loving being all packed into 105 pounds. My years growing up without her, in abuse with multiple life altering traumas including a sibling's suicide, would cause a substantial impact on my health and entire well being all the way into my early 30's. With traumas left untreated that left me with PTSD I ultimately sought out numbing my pain and anger and disassociation with the world and myself at heart in harmful, destructive ways. With no healthy support I spiraled to rock bottom as I chased anything to help me feel happy and rid the anger and pain I carried for 25 years. Once I met the bottom and by the Grace of God narrowly escaped death 3 times in 1 year, I found my strength and tenacity in God to pull myself up to the top.
The journey was harrowing and unbearable at times and my support system was less than lacking but I drew strength from my Faith and the One that ultimately snatched me from death. Photography would be the key to my healing journey and ultimately the blessing that would save me over and over. As the years moved on and I passed hurdle after hurdle and milestone after milestone I desperately wanted to use my passion for good. I reached out to non-profits to see if there was interest in event photography that would aide in their mission. This resulted in some beautiful, long term relationships and I am so extremely honored to give back in this way.
There was still something that had been in my heart for so long however that had yet to meet the right timing. I had desired to offer a photo shoot to a family suffering from Leukemia, the disease that took my precious mother when I was a child. I have walked with the Leukemia and Lymphoma society in remembrance of my mother in past years so I decided to reach out to them to connect me with a family that could benefit from priceless photos. They connected me with Amber Chadwick and I set up a meeting. Amber, a mother of twin 4 year olds at the time was diagnosed with AML in March of 2015. Amber's husband, Marc lost his father to AML when he was just 4 years old and has little memory of him, the couple was terrified this would be their fate as well. Amber touched my heart with her story and I knew this was my family. If God forbid Amber fell sick again I wanted to help her create a day of laughing and playing and loving memories that would result in tangible memories with the images we create.


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